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Discover the captivating Edge Control Case Study by Forward Innovation Group, a visionary in creating a groundbreaking beauty brand for all women and hair types. Unveil the pioneering monthly box club, delivering exclusive edge control products. Through meticulous market research, competitor analysis, and a profound understanding of the industry’s history, Forward Innovation defines the creative direction that ensures enduring success. Immerse yourself in this remarkable journey and unlock the secrets of our Edge Control Case Study.


During the design phase of the Edge Control Case Study, Forward Innovation Group undertook an extensive analysis of the beauty market to examine the growth and social impact of related products. This in-depth research provided valuable insights into edge control trends and patterns. Our team then embarked on designing a core brand and unique product brands for the exclusive box club, paying careful attention to packaging and marketing design. Crafting a brand that resonates with every woman was an exciting challenge that we eagerly embraced. Once the brand look and feel were established, we focused on creating impactful marketing strategies to effectively communicate with our target audience and elicit a compelling response from our valued buyers. Explore the transformative journey of our Edge Control Case Study and discover the innovative approach of Forward Innovation Group. Benefit from our expertise in delivering creative solutions tailored to your needs.


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In the Edge Control Case Study, Forward Innovation Group crafted a distinctive color palette for each product brand, ensuring a visually captivating presence in our social marketing and promotions. Recognizing Edge Control as a new entrant in the beauty market, our design efforts primarily focused on building a strong brand identity. Each product was thoughtfully designed with a prominent focal point, enhancing brand recognition.

We understood the importance of catering to diverse women, both online and offline, and meticulously maintained a cohesive product look and feel throughout the design phase. The Edge Control Box Club features an array of unique products with enticing scents and hair benefits. By incorporating colors, textures, and complementary graphics, we artfully conveyed the story of each product, providing an engaging and immersive experience.



In the development phase of the Edge Control Case Study, Forward Innovation Group encountered unique challenges. Our goal was not only to establish a compelling online presence and visually engaging marketing direction but also to create impactful product brands, labels, and packaging that could compete effectively in the beauty market. To accomplish this, we conducted thorough audience research, studying products on store shelves and consulting industry experts to understand what resonates with consumers. With this knowledge, we explored various directions and styles, resulting in Edge Control solutions that have delighted our clients. Discover the in-depth journey of our Edge Control Case Study and witness the remarkable outcomes achieved by Forward Innovation Group.

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Once all core creative solutions were established, we conducted thorough testing and made necessary adjustments to ensure readiness for market. With a unified look and feel, our focus shifted to formulating a robust marketing strategy for the Edge Control Case Study. This involved optimizing various funnels and implementing effective social marketing techniques to amplify the brand’s reach. Collaborating with influential social media personalities, we created compelling content and established key social KPIs to drive success.


After successfully launching our Edge Control products online and achieving sales growth, our attention shifted towards data-driven marketing strategies. With our online creative solutions in place, we expanded our reach to include traditional media channels. The Edge Control brand secured appearances on popular talk shows and TV programs, maximizing its exposure. To further enhance its presence, we strategically crafted commercials for major networks. We take pride in providing Edge Control with effective creative solutions and look forward to our continued growth together.