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Edge Control Logo Design By Ruben Skull

The task for Edge Control was to create a new beauty brand for every women, and every hair type. A first of its kind monthly box club for edge control.  We had to do our research and learn the market, competitors and the history to define a creative direction for the brand that would stand over time.


During the design phase we dissected the beauty market to look at the growth of products and their value on the social sphere, to understand the trends and patterns related to the market. In this task we had to design the core brand, and the brands of each individual product in the box club. The look and feel of each brand and their packaging had to be unique. Designing a brand that spoke to every women was a challenge, but we where excited to take it on.  Once we established the brand look and feel it was on to creating how that would be expressed into marketing that communicated with our audience and convey a reaction in our buyers. 


Crop of Edge Control Homepage Design
Edge Control Homepage Design

We selected to create unique color pallet for each product brand that would assist in creating a visually appealing pattern in our social marketing and promotions. And since Edge Control is a new brand in the beauty market we focused on the product as the principal focal point of our design, to help establish recognition in the large beauty marketplace. We knew that Edge Control had to speak to a multitude of women and be used effectively in many types of mediums both offline and online. The difficult task of design phase was maintaining a unified product look and feel for the products as a whole, all while giving each product a unique visual representation. Each product in the Edge Control Box Club has unique benefits, smells, and hair benefits. We used colors, textures, and support graphics to help us tell each products story.


In the development phase of the Edge Control project, we had some unique challenges. Not only did we need to establish an online presence and create a visually engaging marketing direction. But we also had to establish the product brands, labels, and packaging to compete in the beauty market both on shelf and online. When approaching the task of establishing the product branding and packaging we need to make sure we understood our audience. We spent the time studying the products on various store shelves, spoke to people in the industry about what worked and why. Then we went to work with various directions and styles we developed the Edge Control solutions that our clients where extremely happy with.

Edge Control Box and Product Design


Edge Control Social Graphic Design

Once all of the core creative solution has been established we took time to test our solutions and make adjustments as needed. Making sure that our unified look and feel was ready for market we began on our marketing strategy. At this point in the project we began focusing on the various funnels and social marketing to expand the Edge Control brand in the marketing place. We started creative collaboration with social influencers on content, and established our social KPI’s to target.


With the products online and sales coming in, we focused our attention on watching the data to continue our marketing efforts towards the best conversion opportunities for the Edge Control brand. Now equipped with a online creative solution we have focused on traditional media channels. The Edge Control brand is now working on appearances on various talk shows and tv shows. With the brand appearing on television media we placed our creative expansion efforts on commercials that appear on various major networks. We are happy we are able to assist the Edge Control brand in developing a creative solution and look forward to growing with the brand into the future.